Top 4 reasons on why you should hire a Wedding Planner

Top 4 reasons on why you should hire a wedding planner


  1. Reason number one for a stress free enjoyable wedding experience. No running around in your wedding dress decorating the venue or talking calls from your venue that needs parking directions. Your Wedding Planner will be onsite to handle your set up needs or remedy any concerns that your other vendors may have that day leaving you to enjoy your day.


  1. Reason number two because all too often venues change management or perhaps your favorite venue manager or coordinator resigns and is no longer with the company. Changes sometimes happen in venue management that therefore can create some changes that will potentially affect your wedding day.  In situations like this you can take comfort in the fact that you already have a wedding planner on your team that knows exactly what you want for your special day and can communicate it to the venue saving you the steps and the frustration.


  1. Reason number three your Mom or that relative or family member that generally has an interest in truly wanting to help but instead leaves you annoyed and frustrated because they may focus more on their vision for your wedding day instead of your own. Your wedding planner will know how to redirect ambitious family members and assure them respectfully that they have if handled.


  1. Reason number four. Accountability. You keep telling yourself you can handle the wedding planning, you may even have gotten off to a good start. Then reality sets in. Your day to day life of work, family obligations and impending events are taking up all your spare time. Soon you realize you are running out of time to take care of the little things that would lead to a calm and worry free wedding. Your wedding planner will help to keep you on track of planning and do most of the major leg work of planning so you can simply just make decisions pertinent to the wedding day without the time spent on researching quotes, vendors, or comparing proposals.


Cain Event Planning is a Full Service Wedding Planning company with packages for Wedding Planning, Day of Coordination, and Venue Searches.  We maximize your budget and your experience to have a STRESS-FREE and FUN wedding that you’ll always remember!

To schedule your complimentary Wedding Planning Consultation, click on the following link to our website or call 916-505-0990.


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Rachelle Cain is the Owner of Cain Event Planning. Rachelle and her team plan weddings, wine tours, and corporate events throughout Northern California. Rachelle's favorite part of any event is seeing the client enjoying the moment and not having to be concerned with all the other elements of organizing the event. To get your FREE copy of Cain Event Planning’s 18 Point Reception Planning Checklist or to sign up for a complimentary event consultation visit

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