Should You Hire a Wedding Videographer?

“Should You Hire a Wedding Videographer?” By Taylor Petrinovich of Fleeting MomentsCinema

This is such an exciting time. Nothing is more fun, or stressful, than planning a wedding. I’m
sure you have done some research on hiring vendors for your wedding. All the websites you
see list videographers as must-have vendors, but you might have one question: do we really
need a videographer for our wedding?

I have several friends who have gotten married within the past year or two. Some of them hired
a videographer to capture their wedding, and some didn’t. Here’s the truth: the number one
thing I hear from those who chose not to hire a videographer is that they regret it. Here’s why.

1. Your wedding day is going to fly by, and you are going to miss a lot. Unfortunately, you
can’t be everywhere at once. You won’t be able to watch your adorable flower girl walking
down the aisle. You will miss that tear rolling down your dad’s cheek as you say your vows.
And you probably won’t get to see how much your guests LOVE the photo booth you
rented. But if you hire a videographer, all these details will be captured for you to watch
later, and it will be like you were there for each and every moment.

2. Sound and Movement. Your photographer can only capture still images, while videography
can capture so much more. Sound and movement play such an important role on your
wedding day. Walking down the aisle, saying your vows, and dancing at the reception can
all be relived through you wedding video.

3. You can share your wedding day with loved ones. Most videographers offer packages with
some sort of highlight video that they upload to either YouTube or Vimeo. This makes it so
easy to share your day with those who couldn’t make it to your wedding for one reason or
another. Maybe you have a friend who lives across the country who couldn’t make the trip,
or a cousin who just had a baby. Those special people in your life can still witness your
wedding day by watching your video. These important people in your life who couldn’t
attend can feel like they were really there.

4. Your wedding day is an emotional story. From sun up to sun down, many events and
emotions are going to unfold on the day of your wedding. Professional wedding
videographers capture all of these moments on film and edit them together with music to
create an amazing video that will tell your story. Videographers are storytellers, and we
want to make sure you can relive your story again and again.

There are many other reasons why hiring a professional to film your wedding is a great choice,
but these are my top 4 reasons why you should absolutely hire a videographer for your big day.

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