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I had the honor of being featured on The High Performance Podcast with Brian Sharp. We chatted about my life as a
entrepreneur, wife, and mom of 3 . We discussed how I handle the pressures and challenges of it all while being in a demanding industry that was also devastated by COVID? Well, here’s a hint, its all about grace and gratitude.

Listen on your favorite podcast player here >>> https://www.buzzsprout.com/1254644/6978697

I think you will find this podcast episode refreshing, relatable and perhaps inspiring!

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Rachelle Cain is the Owner of Cain Event Planning. Rachelle and her team plan weddings, wine tours, and corporate events throughout Northern California. Rachelle's favorite part of any event is seeing the client enjoying the moment and not having to be concerned with all the other elements of organizing the event. To get your FREE copy of Cain Event Planning’s 18 Point Reception Planning Checklist or to sign up for a complimentary event consultation visit www.caineventplanning.com

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