John & Jen’s Wedding at the Old Sugar Mill

It was a pleasure working with John and Jen on their special day in August of 2017 at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, CA. This picture truly captures the essence of this couple’s love and enthusiasm. We were honored to be apart of their special day.  Photo credit to Bellus Photography!

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Top 4 reasons on why you should hire a Wedding Planner

Top 4 reasons on why you should hire a wedding planner   Reason number one for a stress free enjoyable wedding experience. No running around in your wedding dress decorating the venue or talking calls from your venue that needs parking directions. Your Wedding Planner will be onsite to handle your set up needs or

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Wedding Planning Budget Tips

When planning weddings or events it is very important to include an estimated service charge and tax in your calculations for event cost. Often times when people are planning events they only think about the hard cost. The cost of the venue, the food, the entertainment, decorations, ect. What people often forget to include in

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Should I have Escort Cards at my wedding?

Are you asking yourself, to have Escort cards ( place cards)  or not to have Escort cards at your wedding? To have Escort Cards or otherwise referred to as place cards or not to have Escort cards depends on if you want to have assigned seating.  There are two types of seating assignments. There is assigned seating and then there is

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+ February 17th, 2017 in Bride and Groom

How To Plan A Wedding Merging Two Cultures

1. You can’t please everyone. The sooner you accept this fact the better off you will feel. Many people will insist you do things a certain way because it is “their” tradition or it has “always been done” that way in their culture. Not everyone will be satisfied but you must be at peace knowing

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+ February 7th, 2017 in Bride and Groom

Cheryle & William’s Wedding

Cheryle & William are a Fun loving couple that were excited to incorporate their love of delicious southern cuisine, travel, and All things Disney into their wedding. We had the pleasure of working with this couple for over a year on our Full Wedding Planning Package. As both the Bride & Groom are busy professionals they

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+ January 10th, 2017 in Bride and Groom, Weddings

4 Rules to Sharing Your Engagement!

4 Rules to Sharing Your Engagement! Call your immediate family. Don’t let the news beat you home. Call your parents, grandparents, and siblings right away. Family members always wants to feel like they are the first to know. Send a text message to all your closes friends. Use your best judgement as your best friend(s)

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+ December 29th, 2016 in Bride and Groom, Wedding, Weddings

Top 10 items to pay attention to when booking your wedding venue

Are you currently looking for the perfect wedding venue? Have you narrowed down your search but now it’s time to review the contract?  Do you feel like a fish out of water when reviewing the contract? What are you looking for?  What things are important to note?  Are there red flags or items that should

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+ December 19th, 2016 in Bride and Groom, Budget Weddings, Wedding, Weddings

6 ways to ensure a smooth Wedding Week

6 ways to ensure a smooth Wedding Week 1.Staple, Collate, Cut, Paste, Attach, or pre assemble all wedding items or DIY projects at least one week prior to wedding week. Do not take on last minute projects. If you need something done the final week of the wedding hire a professional. 2.  Box up all

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+ December 12th, 2016 in Bride and Groom, Weddings

6 Tips for picking the Perfect Caterer for your Wedding

1. The quality of the food. You want to think about what type of food they make and the quality of the food. Does the food taste fresh? Do they use local produce? Do they offer a seasonal food menu? 2. The quality of the service. While you may be able to find a variety of caterers

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+ December 7th, 2016 in Uncategorized